Our Story

Land granted to the McLaughlin family by Ulysses S. Grant in 1873, the farm now known as Pioneer Hopyard is home to Boundary Mark studios.  Here we grow hops and tend to our array of animals. We design and craft handmade original home decor, personal effects and curate inspiring vintage goods.  Settled in the heart of the Willamette Valley (Oregon Wine Country), our hop farm provides a backdrop for creativity and inspiration.  A balance of activity and quietude.

Our designs and unique curation are inspired by a rich family heritage of wood workers, metal artists and farmers with pioneer beginnings settling at the end of the Oregon trail.  Roots tracing back to three continents provide vision for our designs.  In 2017 Kim Coleman and Larry Jacobsen were turned over the reigns to the farm and created Boundary Mark Studios.  At our core, Kim is a maven for fashion design and how products should function.  She can seek out as well as design what is amazing, while understanding and perceiving its long-term value.  Larry has a background in product development and manufacturing from the Silicon Valley and is the cornerpost of the development process.  

What is Boundary Mark?  Boundary Markers are a way of imposing human, cultural, social meanings upon a once-undifferentiated natural environment. Boundary Markers are linked to social hierarchies, since they derive their meaning from the authority of a person or group to declare the limits of a given space of land for political, social or religious reasons.

Our Goal?  To provide meaning and a cultural connection to your heritage with the products we make and sell.